How to Start Generating Passive Income as a Brand New Travel Influencer or Content Creator

Picture this... you decided to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and became a travel influencer or travel creator. You started a few new social media accounts, maybe a blog, and now it's time to start creating content.

You're out living your best life traveling the world experiencing all that life has to offer and are documenting everything, literally everything.

You're taking a ton of pictures and videos of all the exciting activities you're doing and the amazing scenery and architecture at all the cool places you're visiting. You're sharing them on social media and starting to build a community of fellow travel enthusiasts.

But something's missing, and that's generating income from your travels.

There's a lot of different options for how you can start to monetize your travel content, and it's not difficult to get started. Just because you're starting out with little to no social media following and hardly any traffic to your blog, don't let that be a barrier to getting started. 

Keep in mind — you won't become rich overnight with these methods — but starting early in your travel creator journey will set you up for success when you do have more influence behind you. And in all honesty, I would actually recommend starting to focus on this early on and build as you go.

So without further ado...

Here is how to start generating passive income as a brand new travel influencer or content creator:

Sign up for a travel affiliate marketing platform


Travelpayouts is a digital partnership platform that connects influencers and content creators worldwide to trusted travel brands. When you join the platform for FREE, you gain access to over 60 potential travel-related affiliate marketing programs.

Travelpayouts Monetization Option 1: 

One way to monetize this platform is to sign up for specific affiliate programs that you will promote through your various channels and content. Without a large social following or massive amount of blog traffic, your options are limited but will expand as your influence grows.

One program you can get started with right away is WayAway, which is a free flight aggregator that provides travelers with the best rates on airline tickets. They also have a paid plan — the WayAway Plus membership plan — which gives you cash back on flights, accommodation, car rentals, tours, and more. Here's where you can get 10% off your WayAway Plus membership! They also offer a 7-day free trial!

Travelpayouts Monetization Option 2: 

Another way you can monetize this platform is to refer people to the platform. When new people sign up using your referral link, you're rewarded 7% of their earnings for the next 2 years! When they earn, you earn! And all you had to do was introduce them to Travelpayouts.


Stay22 is a travel tech company that offers affiliate revenue generation opportunities for events, ticketing and travel media publications. You can earn commission by embedding interactive maps into your website or blog where people can browse available accommodations through some of the most popular booking sites like Expedia,, TripAdvisor, and When they book an accommodation using a map or link that's tied to your account, you earn commission.

It's very easy to create a map with their tool, and you can put points of interest on the map that may be attractions people would be interested in staying near. You can also point people to specific accommodations that you recommend, especially if you set up a UCG deal with a hotel or Airbnb.

Ready to sign up? Click here! Plus once you reach 100 qualified bookings, you'll receive a $100 bonus from Stay22.

Sign up for a specific affiliate marketing program for something related to your niche or interests

Consider what it is you're doing everyday or frequently in your travels, then figure out what you could easily promote with not too much extra effort. Many affiliate marketing programs require large social media followings, but at the same time, many don't, and they make it easy for you to get signed up and start promoting their products, especially if they're a smaller brand.

For me, I love to hike and will frequently find myself on the nearest trail of the tallest mountain. Just with this concept alone, I have a ton of options of what I could promote — the outfits or the hiking boots I wear while I hike, the backpack or gear or safety equipment I take with me, or any accessories that make the hike better or smoother in any way.

Another avenue for me is related to travel essentials, for example, things that make packing easier or better. I've started using The Foldie as my personal item for flights. It's a TSA-approved size bag which compacts when you don't need it, and expands to be your carry-on companion. It 

Become a Brand Ambassor

A subset of affiliate marketing is to become a brand ambassador. Start small! You're likely not going to be approved to be a brand ambassador for big brands like Teva, Patagonia, or Columbia. Find a brand that you love and sign up to promote their products. 

For me, I found Uptown Hippie and applied to be one of their brand ambassadors! Personally I love their style and wandering spirit, and I couldn't resist the Out of Office attire! Now when someone uses my discount code nomadicallyashley they get 15% off their purchase, and I'll make a small commission!

Of if someone wants to start promoting their products and uses my referral link, I'll earn a small commission for that as well! Check them out and apply to be a brand ambassador yourself!


These ways to generate passive income from your travel content aren't things you're going to be able to set up and forget about, and then expect that you'll be rich quick and able to live a luxurious travel life. They will take work to get going, and it may actually take a considerable amount of time to see the fruits of your labor, but be patient and keep working at it. Just like your social following and blog traffic, your travel passive income stream takes time to grow, and it will need some of your love and attention to get it there.


Special Note about Affiliate Marketing: 

Don't just sign up for just any affiliate marketing program. Make sure it is something that you like and think others will like or could benefit from. You want the content you promote about that item to be authentic, and the only way to do this is to be a user and believer in the products you are promoting.

*Note: this blog includes affiliate links in which I will earn a small commission with a qualified purchase.

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