Travel Items I Love

Now that I'm traveling full-time as a digital nomad, I'm figuring out what items are best to bring along with me, with some trial and error.

Nomadix Beach Towel

I actually got this towel as a Christmas present from my sister. She got one while she lived in Hawaii and thought I would like one to take with me all around the world. She was right!

I took it with me to Lima, Cusco, and Aruba, and I have it packed to go with me to my next destination.

It's lightweight and fast-drying, so it's the perfect beach towel.

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Uptown Hippie Tees

Since I travel to beach locations frequently, I wanted some fun, cute tees to be able to take with me. I stumbled upon Uptown Hippie through their ads, and as soon as I saw the Out Of Office t-shirt, I knew I had to have it! It's very fitting for my lifestyle.

I also bought a white Stay Sunny crop top and peach Stay Sunny long sleeve tee.

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Travel Items I'm Testing Out

When I need something new to bring along with me on my travels, I start to test out new things. The following items are things I'm adding to my next destination to see how they work out.

The Foldie

Normally I take a backpack with me as my personal item on flights, but I decided I want to try a different style of bag and bring a packable backpack to use when I want a backpack. In deciding what to choose, I kept seeing ads for The Foldie on Instagram, and I eventually caved.

I bought two colors - teal and orange. The orange is very neon orange, but I still love it so far.

I also bought a teal crossbody bag since it has safety features that my crossbody bag didn't have.

If you've tried it, let me know how you like it!

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