Learn about all the places I've been in Europe, including Greece, Ireland, Malta, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Get free guides, travel itineraries, hear fun travel stories, and get tips for your upcoming travels to any of these destinations.

Sept 2023


A one-week vacation (plus college friend reunion) in the mountains of Switzerland

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July-Aug 2023


Over 6 weeks traveling from Sicily to Rome and making my way to Northern Italy

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July 2023


One week in Malta and one week on the smaller island of Gozo

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MAR 2022


A 10-day vacation in Ireland that included a 5 day roadtrip plus marking "go to St. Patrick's Day in Dublin" off my bucket list

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European Countries I Want to Visit Next

At the top of my travel bucket list is Croatia. I honestly don't know much about the country itself, but I have seen pictures and have had friends go, and it made me want to go very badly.

A few additional countries that I want to visit are Scotland, Spain, Iceland, and Austria. Cheers to more adventures in Europe.

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