What is Stay22's Referral Program? & Why You Should Sign Up!

What is Stay22's Referral Program? & Why You Should Sign Up!

Big news in the travel affiliate marketing world!

Stay22 just announced it's referral program! I've been waiting for this for a while now, since before, you could only add people as users to your account.

What is Stay22?

Stay22 is a popular travel affiliate marketing program that's great for beginners, as there is no required minimum social following or website traffic amount.

It provides you a way for you to make more passive income through your travel content with AI-powered affiliate tools. Their solutions are FREE to use and easy to install on your website and in your blog posts.

With Stay22, you can create unique user experiences on your travel blog that have higher conversion rates than only using affiliate links.

How Stay22 works

There are a couple different ways to use Stay22 to monetize your travel content, in increasing difficulty to set up (which is realistically not that difficult), but also in increasing capabilities to earn more: 

  • Affiliate links - generate affiliate links that you can embed on your website and on social media, plus you can use shorted links or create a QR code with your affiliate link
  • Interactive maps - embed maps into your travel content that changes as the end user changes settings or moves around, plus they can toggle between places to stay, things to do, and more
    • note: this is my favorite tool!
  • Let Me Allez (AI tool) - Let Me Allez's Optimized Redirect ensures that when visitors click your links, they are shown personalized options which they're more likely to book 

What is Stay22's Referral Program?

In May 2024, Stay22 rolled out its referral program, which gives people many ways to earn bonuses. Instead of earning a percentage of the commission made by your referrals, like many other travel affiliate marketing programs, Stay22's referral program works a little differently. Instead you earn bonuses through signups then successful bookings.

Here's how you can earn 2 bonuses with Stay22: 

  1. Earn $100 - Sign up for the platform with this link. If you use my referral link, you become eligible to earn a $100 bonus after you've made 100 qualified bookings.
  2. Earn $500 - for each friend you sign up with Stay22, and then that friend achieves 100 confirmed bookings, you'll earn a $500 bonus. That's a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself!

Here's how you can promote Stay22's referral program so that people sign up with your referral link: 

  1. Tell them how they can earn a $100 bonus for signing up (with your referral link) then achieving 100 confirmed bookings.
  2. Tell them how they can earn a $500 bonus for each friend they refer to the platform using their own referral link, and then their referral reaches 100 confirmed bookings.
  3. Show them how Stay22 isn't just another boring affiliate link tool and instead is an interactive map tool.


So what are you waiting for? The only way to start earning those referral bonuses is to sign up yourself and start referring other people to sign up.

Happy earning!

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