3 Hikes You Can't Miss Near Toronto, Canada

3 Hikes You Can't Miss Near Toronto, Canada

Part of the reason I decided to go to Toronto, Canada in the fall of 2022 was because the leaves would be changing and the temperature would be just right for hiking. As I researched what to do in the area and started to follow local businesses and travel guides on social media, I started to find some very unique hikes to go in the area surrounding Toronto.

Here are 3 hikes you can't miss around Toronto, Canada:

Overlooking the Cheltenham Badlands in Canada during Autumn with bright colored leaves in the background

Cheltenham Badlands

Seeing pictures beforehand of Cheltenham Badlands is what helped solidify my decision to go to Toronto. While it's not a difficult hike – or hardly a hike at all, I’d really call this a trail walk – this trail has very unique natural structures that will really make you question how the heck they exist.

Please remember to only walk in designated areas to help preserve this natural beauty.

Know before you go: Reservations are required to hike to the badlands and can be purchased online. Your reservation includes same-day entry to two other conservation areas – Terra Cotta Conservation Area and Island Lake Conservation Area.

Viewpoint at Dundas Peak with bright orange leaves in Autumn

Dundas Peak via Tew's Falls

Over an hour drive from Toronto is Dundas Peak, probably one of the more iconic hikes in the area. When you first start this hike, you pass by Tew's Falls where you have a nice view of the waterfall. I went in the Fall, so there wasn't much water flowing from the waterfall, but I would imagine early Spring would be a great time to see lots of water here.

As you continue on the trail, you hike towards Dundas Peak lookout. Before you get to the peak, there are several great spots to look out and enjoy the view, especially in the Fall when the leaves are changing. At the peak, you have a spectacular  view of nature and the town of Dundas. This is an ideal spot to go when the color change of the leaves is at its peak.

Know before you go: Reservations are required to hike to Dundas Peak and can be purchased online. This hike is very popular around the Toronto area, so it will be difficult to get a ticket on the weekend. Check far in advance for tickets, and consider going on a weekday like I did – I chose to go on a Tuesday.

Standing on a boulder overlooking the viewpoint at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area in Canada

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area / Buffalo Crag Trail & Lookout

This conservation area has the best of both worlds - you can choose to hike or you can choose to enjoy views steps away from where you parked, or you can choose to do both. I chose to do both!

When you first get to Rattlesnake Point, make sure to walk around and explore, as there are some very great viewpoints that are easy to miss. If you decide to hike, continue on the Buffalo Crag Trail which will lead you to a great (and busy) lookout point. 

Know before you go: Reservations are required to visit Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area and can be purchased online.


While the hikes near Toronto aren't what I would call difficult hikes, they do have some pretty amazing views, especially when the leaves are changing colors. If you're headed to Toronto and are looking for fun things to do outdoors, make sure you check out these 3 incredible hikes!

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