Blogging Tips for Travel Content Creators

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or considering becoming one, you've probably thought about whether or not you should have a travel blog. There's pluses and minuses to both sides, but let's focus on the positives.

Why should you have a travel blog?

A travel blog is great for many reasons including: 
  • it gives you a place to organize and share your travel content and provide inspiration to other travelers
  • it can be used as a tool to gain organic search interest through its long-term content value
  • you can use it as a source of passive income through affiliate marketing

Here are blogging tips for travel content creators:

Utilize AI Content Writing Tools for a First Draft

Just a starting point though. AI content writing tools can help you brainstorm topics to write about, SEO-optimized titles, and even write a first draft for you. If you go this route to have it write a draft, please make sure to go back through to make it your own and add a personal, human touch. It's usually pretty obvious if a blog is solely written by AI, and it's not authentic for an audience that craves authenticity.

Speed Up Production Using Voice Typing

As a travel content creator, you're busy traveling. You don't want to spend all your time writing content, especially with so many platforms to share content on. So a tip to speed the writing process and how much time it takes you to produce a blog, use voice typing. When you use Google Docs to draft your blog, you can go to Settings then Tools and choose Voice typing. This allows you to be able to speak and Google will write what it hears. It's pretty accurate from what I've seen, but you may need to do some editing and add punctuation.

Create SEO Optimized Blogs with This Framework

That is... your H1 should be your blog's title, and make sure that the keyword or phrase you want to rank for is in the title. Any paragraphs you write should be body or paragraph format, and should use the same keyword or phrases you want to rank for. And then section titles should use remainder of the "H" hierarchy, so: 

  • H2 - Subheading (use keywords and phrases to rank for here)
  • H3 - Sub-subheading  (use keywords and phrases to rank for here)
  • H4 - Sub-sub-subheading
  • H5 - Sub-sub-sub-subheading (it's unlikely you'll go this far down in the framework)
  • etc.

Resize Large Images for Better Page Loading Speed

While it may be tempting to simply upload your pictures to insert into your blog, you may want to take a few minutes to resize the images. Large files slow down your page speed. But don't make them so small that you lose image quality.


Using these tips, you'll be able to save time writing and publishing blogs that are optimized for search engines.


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