Instagram Reels Tips for Travel Influencers to Expand Their Reach

Instagram Reels are short video clips which are currently social media GOLD. They're anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes long and are often eye-catching.

For travel Instagram influencers, Reels tend to be videos about the destinations we've been to, what we did there, and why we recommend others travel there. They can also be about what it's like to travel, how to make friends along the way, growing your travel network, and so much more.

In addition, they aren't typically too difficult to create, especially now that Instagram lets you use other videos as templates, but if you aren't familiar with the native tools or you're not good with technology, it can take some time to create them.

That said, one of the best ways to expand your reach on Instagram is to create and share Reels. So here are...

Instagram Reels Tips for Travel Influencers to Expand Their Reach

When creating your Reels, keep these tips in mind:

Use scroll-stopping hooks to capture people's attention.

With peoples' attention spans being so short, you need to capture people's attention right away and get them to stop scrolling and watch your Reel.

Try these out: 

  • Don't make these 5 mistakes when visiting ___
  • Guess how many times I've ___
  • 3 things I wish I knew before ___
  • 4 places you must travel to on your next ___ trip
  • This is your reminder to ___

Follow up a strong hook with added value.

Once you have people's attention, you need to keep their attention. You want them to not only watch your video to the end, but rewatch, comment, and share it with someone who will also find it valuable.

If you're using one of the hooks above or some other hook, you need to make sure that what follows is something people will stay interested in.

Create Reels directly in the Instagram App.

The Instagram algorithm prefers Reels created directly in the Instagram app. so add your on-screen text and captions in Instagram versus using a third-party tool like CapCut.

Ditch re-sharing TikTok watermarked videos on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm does not like TikTok videos with watermarks.

Leverage looping videos and looping audio

Utilize looping videos and sounds to keep people watching beyond the first play

Try different length Reels

Test out different length Reels, varying from 3-4 seconds to up to 15 seconds to really as long as you want or as long as the corresponding audio lasts. See what works, and do more of that.

Test out using one clip and multiple clips stitched together

It's much easier to create a Reel using one video clip, but don't get stuck just using one clip in all your Reels. Try creating some Reels where multiple different clips are stitched together. This creates variety in your posts. It also creates variety within that one Reel, which can give viewers a reason to rewatch the entire Reel.

Put your own spin on trending Reels content

If you utilize trending videos, put your own spin on it. Don't just copy everything that everyone else is doing the exact same way that they are. Make it your own. Make it tailored to your audience and niche.

Be a Reels trend-setter

Create content so good for your audience that others want to copy it! Come up with a variety of your own ideas, ones you aren't already seeing people create, that will resonate with your audience. There is so much more you can do than what you're already seeing be posted. Who knows? Maybe one of your original ideas will become a trend!

Ensure the Recommend on Facebook setting is turned on

Even if you don't have a travel Facebook account, you can turn this setting on and it will show your reels to people on Facebook. This will put your reels in front of many more people.

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