Why You Should Spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland

2024 is the year we start marking things off our bucket list, and I'm manifesting that for you. Something that may be on your bucket list, whether you're Irish or Irish for a day, is to spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland.

I was able to mark this off my bucket list in 2022 when my friend and I went to Ireland for a 10 day vacation. So without further ado...

Here's why you should spend St. Patrick's Day in Ireland:

The Festivities in Dublin are Unmatched

Spending St. Patrick's Day in Dublin was an absolute blast! First thing in the morning, we watched the street parade. Then immediately after, the crowds started spreading out to various bars to continue the celebration and festivities. Everyone was in such a great mood and having the time of their lives.

We ended up staying out incredibly late and exhausted the next day, but it was worth it. This was truly an experience I will never forget!

Get an Authentic Irish Parade Experience in Smaller Towns

While this isn't something we did because we wanted to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, we were told by my friend's relatives that you can get a more authentic Irish parade in the smaller towns around Ireland. They will have more of the traditional aspects like Irish dancing, which the Dublin parade had very little of, as it was designed for a broader audience.

The Entire Country is Decked Out in Irish Flags & Colors

To prep for the celebration and festivities, all the towns around Ireland decorate the streets with Irish flags and decor that use the colors of the flag. It adds an extra charm and flare to the already beautiful towns.

To Cross Spending St. Patrick's Day in Ireland Off Your Bucket List

This one's a given, but I felt like it was worth mentioning! I'm all about creating a travel bucket list and working towards checking them off, so if this is on yours, going to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day gives you one more destination to cross off.

Convinced? Here's how to get to Ireland and where to stay:

How to Get to Ireland

Most people fly into Dublin when they're vacationing to Ireland as it's the largest international airport in the country. You could also fly to other airports but it will likely cost more. And if you want to venture outside of Dublin, there are buses that can take you other places, or you could rent a car.

Where to Stay in Ireland 

Accommodations will likely be a little pricier than usual since you will be traveling to Ireland at their biggest holiday of the year. You can use a variety of different platforms to find great deals -- like Booking.com, Hostelworld, or VRBO, depending on how you prefer to travel and what types of accommodations you like to stay in.


No matter how you get there, where you stay, or what experience you plan to have, spending St. Patrick's Day in Ireland is a must. You'll have so much fun that you don't want the festivities to end.

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