Do you need a travel blog?

If you're thinking about becoming a travel content creator, or you already are one, you've probably thought about whether or not you need a travel blog. 

Travel blogs are a great places to create and share your travel experiences in a way that entertains and educates your audience. You can share pictures to visually appeal to whoever is reading. You can share your good stories and bad. You can share specific tips that will help fellow travelers can use in their upcoming travels.

Do you need a travel blog?


Let me explain.

Whether or not you decide to create a travel blog is ultimately up to you, but here are some things to consider before you jump into creating one.

What are your goals as a travel content creator?

You can have one or many goals as a travel content creator, so it's definitely worth your time to sit down, think about what they are, and write them out. If you need some ideas, I've got you! Here are some to think about: 

  • inspiring others to become travelers
  • share tips and resources about specific destinations to educate travelers
  • create a passive income stream through your travel content
  • entertain others with your travel stories and mishaps

Don't just rush into setting up a travel blog because you see a bunch of other travel content creators with them. Figure out what your goals are, then decide.

Will a travel blog support your goal(s) as a travel content creator?

This is really the make-it or break-it question.

Once you've determined what your goal (or goals) is as a travel content creator, that's when you figure out who exactly your audience is and then decide how you will connect with people in a way that supports that goal.


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