Everything You Need to Know about Traveling to Xlendi, Gozo

Everything You Need to Know about Traveling to Xlendi, Gozo

What was once a small fishing village on the southwestern coast of Gozo is now one of the most spectacular destinations in all of Malta. Where you ask? Xlendi

Here's everything you need to know about traveling to Xlendi, Gozo

Where is Xlendi?

Let's start with where in the world this beautiful place is. The town of Xlendi (pronounced Shlendi) is part of a bay on the coast of the smaller Maltese island of Gozo. 

How do you get to Xlendi?

Getting to Gozo

Firstly, you've got to get to Gozo. To do so, you're likely going to either fly to Malta or take the ferry to Malta from one of the neighboring countries. From there, you can take the ferry over to the island Gozo from either Valletta or Cirkewwa. Valletta is the easier option since you will likely already be there, and the ferry port is right in the middle of the city (well on the coast that is).

Getting to Xlendi

The ferry drops you off in the town of Mgarr. From there, you have plenty of options on how to get to Xlendi. Firstly, you can rent a car and drive there yourself, although this is probably a more costly option. Honestly, if I could go back, I would choose this option so I could get around the island more easily. Another option, also fairly costly, would be to get a taxi. And lastly, you can opt for public transportation and take the bus, which is what I did. The bus was only a couple euros and I was trying to keep costs down.

Travel Bonus

During the summer months, there is a direct bus to Xlendi. All other times, you have to take the bus to the central town of Victoria and switch buses. And unfortunately many of the buses on the island only run every hour, and they weren't super reliable. Luckily for me, when I got off the ferry, my bus directly to Xlendi had just arrived, and I was off to my destination.

How do you get around in Xlendi?

Everything in Xlendi is within walking distance, so you don't need a vehicle to get around town unless you're not prepared to walk.

But beware, while this town in very walkable, it may require walking up a massive hill every now and then. The majority of the restaurants are down by the water. The main bus station is down in the center of town but there is one at the top of the hill.

To avoid walking up the massive hill, there are paths around the side of the cliff from the main restaurant area which gives you a gradual path upward instead of up the one main hill. You will have to go up that direction for hiking.

And for me, my Airbnb was up that main hill and around the curve, so I got my steps in. But even being in one of the furthest spots from the center of town, it really was only a 10 minute walk to get home.

How to travel outside of Xlendi

If you do decide to branch outside of Xlendi, my recommendation would be to rent a car. The bus to Victoria is only once an hour. To get to other parts of the island by bus, you have to first go to Victoria, then transfer to the corresponding bus. Many buses on the island are also only every hour, and the timing could be better. Switching could take up to an hour of waiting, and that's if your bus is on time.

Getting around the island by car would be much easier. I believe you can also get around with taxis but I had no idea how to figure that out.

What is there to do in Xlendi?

Though it's a pretty small town, there is still plenty to do in Xlendi.

Hike Around the Cliffs

Probably the biggest draw to Xlendi is the picturesque nature of this bay. The cliffs make for an incredible view no matter which way you look, and it's easy to get to the trails for hiking.

Some of the points to check out are the overlook at Sanap Tunnel (you can only get to the tunnel by water), Falesie di Gozo, and Sanap Cliffs. If you start at Xlendi Tower and make your way east along the coastline, you'll get to all of these incredible views. You can also access these views from other trailheads, but this was the easiest option to get to them (or at least for me it was).

While the hikes aren't necessarily long in distance, they are fairly brutal because of the heat combined with the lack of shade. If you do choose to hike here, bring plenty of water, long sleeves and long pants, something to create shade if needed, and a good camera.

Try a Variety of Restaurant Cuisines

There weren't a ton of restaurants here, but there was a large variety of cuisines, and everything I ate was yummy. When I first arrived, I checked out Churchill for an iced coffee, a celebratory beer, and a big glass of ice cold water (the holy trinity of beverages!).

One evening, I had dinner at Terrazzo, a restaurant with one of the best sunset views and also the restaurant my Airbnb host from the previous week recommended I couldn't miss out on while in Xlendi. Make sure to make a recommendation, especially if you want an outside table at sunset. I was fortunate to get there early and only need a table for one, so they were able to squeeze me in.

Other places I checked out were Sapana, Talija, and Il-Kcina Ghawdxija. Somewhere I missed out on but wanted to try was Cima, which also has an incredible sunset view.

Get Out on the Water for Some Water Sports

On the small sandy beach (you can't miss it), you'll find kayak and jet ski rentals. While I didn't do these activities myself, it looked like a blast from everyone who did do these. I didn't quite feel comfortable doing either of these activities alone.

Spend a Few Hours Snorkeling

With the crystal clear blue water, there is might be one of the best things you can do while you're here. Since the Mediterranean Sea is so salty, you will float much easier than normal and hardly have to tread water at all. The amount of life below the water's surface was truly amazing, and over in the cove, you'll find even more sea life.

While I was swimming over in the cove, a couple was snorkeling near me and the girl jolted and swam out of the water as fast as she could. I believe she saw a stingray at the bottom, but she was French and we didn't really know how to communicate what she saw in. Either way, something spooked her, which means something was down there. Also watch out for jellyfish!

Enjoy a Relaxing Day By or In the Water

Nothing beats a relaxing day sitting by the water, jumping in to cool off, or just bobbing around in the water. I managed to find a couple spots with less people, but I also enjoyed spending some time near the diving boards watching people jump into the water from probably 20 feet high.


Overall, Xlendi is a town you can't miss if you are considering going to Malta or Gozo. This quaint town will leave you speechless and wanting to come back (or to move there). I can't wait to go back someday!

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