Top Things To Do in Aruba

Top Things To Do in Aruba

When you're looking for a place to travel, what is it that you look for? Beautiful beaches? Lots of activities? Peace and relaxation?

Well if you said yes to any or all of those, then you should check out Aruba.

About Aruba

Aruba is a small island located just off the northern coast of South America, above Venezuela. This island found in the South Caribbean is actually more desert than it is a tropical island, but you'll still get the island vibes.

At only 20 kilometers long, Aruba actually has so much to do. In fact...

Here are the top things to do in Aruba

Visit Arikok National Park

If you're an adventure seeker or nature lover, then you need to visit Arikok National Park. There's all kinds of different things to do there, like swim in a cave pool, go to Blackstone Beach, visit the Bushiribana Ruins, and so much more.


Here are two ways to get there:

Go on an ATV or UTV tour

The ATV and UTV tours take you all over the island, but specifically take you through several stops in Arikok National Park. You'll get to drive on the roads on your way to the other end of the island, go to beaches, but you'll spend majority of your time exploring the national park.

It's incredibly dusty, so wear clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting very dirty, and may even throw away after. My poor white shirt didn't stand a chance.

Ready to go on an ATV tour? Check out these options!

Rent a 4x4 vehicle, ATV, or UTV

Another option to visit Arikok National Park would be to rent a 4x4 vehicle, ATV, or UTV and go on your own so that you can explore at your own pace and see as much as you'd like.

You can get denied for not having a 4x4 rental vehicle, so rent vehicles at your own risk. Regular vehicle rentals are on the more expensive side, and when I looked into renting a Jeep (the most popular 4x4 option on the island), they seem to run anywhere from $150-300 for several hours or a full day. Availability of 4x4 vehicles is also limited.

If you decide to go on your own, you will need to pay the park entry fee.

For solo travelers: I would not recommend this option, unless you're renting a vehicle, not an ATV/UTV. A large majority of the park is flat desert land, and it could be very easy to get lost on the many paths. Plus it is much safer to be in pairs when operating these types of motor vehicles.

Lounge on the beautiful white sand beaches

This goes without saying, but Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches!

See flamingos

If you're going to Aruba, then you're probably hoping to be able to flamingle with the flamingos. Well easier said than done. There are actually only 2 ways to be able to see them, and getting up close to them will cost you. You can see them at: 

  • Flamingo Beach -- by either staying at The Renaissance Hotel or buy purchasing a day pass to the hotel, which gets you access to the private island where they're located
  • De Palm Island -- by booking a day trip to De Palm Island, and upgrade to a private seat or cabana to be able to go on the beach with them

When I was there, I didn't get to see flamingos up close, but I was fine with just being able to see them at De Palm Island. If you want more info on seeing flamingos, check out my blog post.

Go on a day trip to De Palm Island

Besides being one of only 2 places on the island where you can see flamingos, there are tons of other reasons to visit De Palm Island.

The day pass to get there is a little pricey per person, but when you realize everything that you get, it's totally worth it.

My ticket included transportation from Oranjestad, but you can purchase a ticket without it.

The regular ticket includes: 

  • entrance to the island, including the ferry ride over to the island
  • unlimited banana boat rides
  • a huge waterslide
  • free guided snorkeling tours
  • free use of snorkeling gear, especially if you want to snorkel on your own
  • open seating along the edge of the water, many with umbrellas
  • hammocks over the water
  • a free buffet lunch, as well as a burger/tenders/fries shack
  • an open bar, as well as free soda, coffee, and water
  • Watch land and water turtles, plus hermit crabs

Other things you can do by paying a little extra: 

  • additional activities, not included in the regular ticket
  • buy drinks with fresh fruit and fruit juice
  • get a massage

Go snorkeling

There's a vast coastline waiting for you in Aruba, and many places have a great amount of coral for you to explore. Make sure to bring snorkel gear if you have it so you can see what's below the water's surface. You'll thank me later!

You can either snorkel on your own, snorkel at De Palm Island, or book a snorkel tour through one of the many tour companies, like these!

Go on a sunset booze cruise

Sunsets in Aruba are nothing short of amazing! I tried to be down by the water as often as I could in Oranjestad to watch the sunset. So that means that a sunset booze cruise is the way to go! 


Sunset booze cruises typically pick you up from the more northern beaches, take you out a ways, hang out for a bit, then bring you back. Many of them let you swim while you're at the furthest point away, and while we were stopped, we saw sea turtles swimming around.

Plus they are usually open bar, so with a few drinks, you've already gotten your money's worth.

This is the tour that I booked through Get Your Guide with Delphi Watersports Aruba. I highly recommend booking with them if you plan to book a sunset booze cruise.

Or you can check out these options!


 Want to learn more about a getaway in Aruba? Head on over to my Aruba page.

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