Top Things To Do in Valletta, Malta

If you're like me, you're continually finding and going to new countries. I hadn't heard too much about Malta before I zoomed out on Google Maps while I was mapping out my 3 month European Summer and found this small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Once I saw it's beauty, that's what led me to spend my very first week of the trip in Malta. And no trip to Malta would be complete without spending some time in the capital city of Valletta.

Here are the top 7 things to do in Valletta, Malta

Triton Fountain & City Gate

Two of the very first things you see when you get off the bus in Valletta is the Triton Fountain and the City Gate. This is your official entry point into the capital city — well unless you came by sea — which means it's a very busy and highly trafficked area.

Upper Barrakka Gardens & Barrakka Lift

At the southeastern side of the city, you will find the Upper Barrakka Gardens. This spot has a very nice and iconic viewpoint from high up. On most days, the canons will fire at noon and 4pm, and this is a great spot to watch them from. Here you will also find the Barrakka Lift which you can take from the bottom level at sea to the top where the gardens are — for a small fee to go roundtrip.

Lower Barrakka Gardens & Siege Bell War Memorial

Further north along the eastern edge is the Lower Barrakka Gardens and Siege Bell War Memorial. Lower Barrakka Gardens is a great spot to get an iconic picture with the bell memorial in the background. You can go up to the bell in the memorial and walk all the way around. Make sure you go to both spots!

Bażilika Santwarju tal-Madonna tal-Karmnu

In English, that's Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

When you think of Valletta, you probably are imagining the skyline view of the city with the large ornate red roof in the midst. That's this church, and it's very lovely! Make sure you go inside if you can because the inside is truly breathtaking!

Fort St. Elmo

At the most northern/northeastern point of Valletta is Fort St. Elmo. This fort is packed full of history of defending not only Valletta, but the island of Malta, throughout wartime for many centuries.

St. George’s Square & Grandmaster Palace Courtyard

Smack dab in the middle of Valletta is a large courtyard where many festivities are held. I came back one evening for dinner, and there was an orchestra performing, so I sat and watched for a while.

St. John's Cathedral

I enjoyed the view of St. John's Cathedral from the comfort of my table at happy hour, but this beautiful cathedral boasts three clocks on the outside — one for the time, one for what day of the week it is, and one that tells you which number day of the month it is.

3 Hidden Gems in Valletta

Hasting’s Garden

While this place isn't quite a secret, it kind of felt like it, because when I went there was virtually no one there. It's very tempting when you first walk through the city gate to stay straight, but if you make an immediate left, you will head towards Hasting's Garden.

Spencer's Tomb

In my opinion, the best viewpoint of St. Paul's Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace from all of Malta is from Spencer's Tomb. The tomb itself — sorry in advance to the Honorable Sir Robert Cavendish Spencer — is very underwhelming and honestly just feels like part of a parking lot, but the area has a spectacular view, and I'm glad I moseyed my way around the western edge of Valletta.

Wuestenwinds Beach

If you're looking for a place to swim in Valletta, you need to check out this tiny beach along the eastern edge. It wasn't super crowded and there are a few small restaurants here for food and drinks. Plus as you walk down or up the stairs that are near the Malta Experience, you will find a lovely view with beautiful pink flowers.


There's no shortage of exciting things to do in Valletta. And there are plenty of things that I wasn't able to do that I would love to come back to do, like go to the Underground Museum and check out Casa Rocca Piccola.

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